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Idaho Surveillance Systems, LLC

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We take pride in our efforts to offer affordable systems from camera and video equipment to installation with a wide range of bid options. Our installations leave customers owning their video surveillance equipment with no monthly monitoring fees.
We value our customers concerns and work hard to provide dependable and reliable services to solve their surveillance system issues.
Every system we install is designed to meet the specific surveillance needs of the customer, including video equipment with night vision, motion detection, high resolution and IP camera solutions, and more.

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Custom System Design and Installation
Idaho Surveillance Systems will propose a custom designed and location specific system including DVR or NVR, all equipment, parts, and precisely chosen cameras to get you the pictures and information that you desire from your video surveillance system.
Pre-purchased System Installation
If you have already purchased your equipment and need a low voltage installation expert to run cables and install cameras, we can provide these services along with tech support and set up of many DVR brands. Tech charges to research your equipment may apply. Idaho Surveillance systems may be familiar with your pre-purchased camera system so please call for service rates.
Existing System Troubleshooting
Many customers have existing systems but not a good service option for troubleshooting or upgrading their existing system.  We offer services in diagnosing your camera, connection, DVR issues and will propose a solution including replacement of many components to get your system back online.
Existing System Upgrade
Technology is rapidly changing so we can also propose options for replacement of existing components to supply you with better pictures and information from an upgraded camera system.

Quality service is one of our top priorities. We are only satisfied when our customers are happy with the installation and services we provide. This could include any of the following types of service:

  • Design of new systems
  • Design of upgrade to existing systems
  • Installation of cables and connectors
  • Installation of all equipment and parts
  • Installation of replacement components and parts
  • Technical training and support of new and upgraded systems
  • Diagnostic service calls (rates may apply)
  • Technical and physical system adjustments

We offer DVR and PC based systems. We use proven surveillance security products from companies that are leaders in the surveillance industry. Cameras can also include audio. A wide range of equipment is offered to support a variety of needs and budgets:

  • Mobile Live View
  • Simple to complex DVR/NVR camera and solutions
  • Fisheye 360 Cameras
  • Clear pictures
  • IR and Night Vision Cameras
  • Expert Placement for best views
  • Easy to use applications for viewing and playback
  • Warranty on parts and workmanship


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